New website!


Change: The Abhorring and adoring of it

With the launching of my new website I am announcing that I will sell my One-Way lathe next year. Yes, even at the risk of developing floppy upper arms!  I have been turning less and less and other art forms are exciting me. In my heart I still am a woodturner — my head still turns when I see the wonderful holly log by the side of the road; when people are offering wood to me, I decidedly say thanks, I am on a different page now. Changing from wooden to paper vessels; deconstructing books and turning the leaves into sculptural paintings (observe the word play here!) brings lots of new dimensions into my work. I am experimenting with un-pigmented and pigmented beeswax in all of these new areas, as well as collage and other layering techniques. Textures and depth of field give me great satisfaction, as do mark making.

Now that the website is done, the decisions about my new professional path have been made, I can say that I truly adore change. The abhorring feelings that appeared during the process are fading away nicely.

What's next? she asks boldly!